Bath Master

​Happiness is a long hot bubble bath...

There is something delightfully soothing about a warm bath. You can create your very own sanctuary with our Bath Master signature service: indulge in any of our four deluxe packages to relax, energise, rejuvenate or sensualise.
Refresh your spirit with a pre-bath crystal-energised drinking water and bathing water, reviving and relaxing bath products as well as a face mask. An aromatherapy oil diffuser experience and a Renew Rose Body Cream complemented by a cup of subtly perfumed tea will enhance your self-indulging moments. A choice of soothing music tunes will be offered and available for listening in your bath, thanks to the two portable Bluetooth speakers provided.

This Signature Service is available on request upon arrival, via our Conrad Concierge Application or by simply calling Conrad Service.

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